In order for your transfer to take place, you (the customer) must provide us (the bank) with a letter informing us with the necessary transfer details and instructing us to debit your account. All transfers made to any branch of the Turkish Bank Group can be transferred with the same value date.
To open an account with ATB you need to bring photo ID, a photocopy of your passport and address verification documents (all documents must be less than 3 months old.) The bank will prepare the required documents on behalf of you. With these documents your account will be opened and activated.
No, the interest calculated for all term deposit accounts is net.
All Treasury bills, Government bonds and Eurobond transactions can be made through ATB, with the most appropriate interest rates.
To apply for a credit card all that is required is credit card application form, ID and address verification documents (i.e. an up to date electric bill / phone bill or a residence document.)
Yes, by filling in an additional card application form and with the ID of the second user, you are able to get an additional card.
Yes, but in order to do so you must prepare a salary table which contains;
the personnel’s name, the bank details and salary.
Yes, by opening an account with ATB, in the name of your company you can update your account to a O/N or term deposit account. All earned interest is “net“.
Yes, our bank is part of The Turkish Bank Group, are subsidiary bank in Turkey is Turkish Bank A.Ş, in England Turkish Bank (UK) Ltd., in Cyprus Turk Bank Ltd.
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